Getting to know Sophie Cookson

DOLLY caught up with breakout star Sophie Cookson from must-see film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Getting to know Sophie Cookson

We love your character Roxy in Kingsman. What do you love about her?
“She’s so strong and independent and keeps her femineity throughout it all. I find that it’s quite rare in films to find that. Often a woman will have to fit into a man’s world and often she does that by imitating them and their characteristics. But Roxy; she’s still a girl’s girl and proud of it!”

Do you see any common traits in yourself and Roxy?
“She’s a lot of more slick than I am, I’m far clumsier. But determination, we’re both very determined, and if someone tells us we can’t do something, then we’re going to do it.”

We’d love to get to know you a little bit better so, who’s your favourite musician?
“I’ve just been listening to Vance Joy. I think I’m a bit later but I’ve had 'Riptide' on repeat.”

Favourite food?

Favourite shop?
“A little furniture shop near where I live, I love antique furniture.”

Favourite ice-cream flavour?
“Coffee. I remember having it as a kid in Spain, and I hadn’t even tasted proper coffee, so my first memory of coffee was ice-cream!”

Favourite type of chocolate?
“I’m not really a massive chocolate person, I’m going to go really simple, and go Bounty. And you’re getting one of your five a day!”

Favourite book?
Winnie the Pooh. As an adult, if you go back and read it now, it’s got some wise words.”

If you could have anyone follow you back on Instagram, who would it be?
“I don’t use Instagram! But maybe Ellen DeGeneres. Someone that will spice it up a bit!”

Kingsman: The Secret Service will be in cinemas on February 5.