Gigi Hadid fears Zayn’s mental health is on a downward spiral, apparently

Poor Zayno :(

By Amber Manto

A couple weeks back now there were ~whispers~ Gigi really wanted Zayn to return to One Direction after the hiatus ends because she feels it will be a good thing for his anxiety.

As you might remember Zayno cancelled his performance at the Capital Summer time Ball as he admitted he was struggling with anxiety - and Gigi later wrote a letter of support for all the internet to read, expressing the battles Zayn has been through.

Fast-forward to now and there’s been more talk surrounding Zayn’s mental health with yappy sources over at Now magazine claiming Gigi is still very worried about him. They reckon she's afraid his anxiety is putting pressure on his career, and will eventually ruin their relationship.

"Gigi worries that Zayn's anxiety attacks could ruin his career and, in turn, their relationship. She's already lined up some of LA's top lifestyle gurus to help convince Zayn to take a two-week break at a treatment facility,” the source said.

Well that's good if it's true, she's being a supportive bae and all that. But the source wasn't finished:

"But it's not going to be easy. When Zayn's really in a bad place, all he wants to do is party and escape from his anxiety and pressures of real life and a relationship. He just cuts himself off from the world. Perhaps it's his coping mechanism."

Damn, well let’s hope it doesn’t get to that and all of this is made up nonsense - after all it didn't come from either of ZIGI's mouths. Either way, stay strong Zayno and we really hope you feel better soon babes.