Gigi Hadid attempted to shade Harry Styles' new magazine covers and nahhhhh

Can you not?

By Bianca Mastroianni

ICYMI: Harry Styles came out with not one, but THREE new magazine covers for "Another Man" and praise the damn lord it's been too long since we've seen any new pics of that man.

Yep, slayed.

But apparently good old Gigi Hadid wasn't so impressed with his internet-breaking covers. Bae posted a cryptic as hell pic on Snapchat that has made us all like...


Here's the doozy:

Firstly, this is a an old cover of Zayn, so like, K? And we assume the all in caps: "A COVER." with the passive aggressive full stop at the end is an attempt to rinse Harold.

One fan has hit the nail on the head with this tweet though.

"Who is Gigi hadid to even try and shade Harry styles hahahaha," she tweeted.

Ahhh memories of the time Gigi rejected Harry's hug at the 2015 AMAs and got an epic eye-roll out of him. Seems like the tension between the two is still a thing then.

We love you Gig, but let Hazza have his moment plez.