Gigi Hadid has revealed how things really went down when she first met Zayn

They met way before you thought.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Gigi Hadid reveals how she really met Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid and Zayn's relationship are basically everything we aspire to be with our S.O (if we had one, lol)...

They've got chemistry...

... family values... and the world's most adorable selfies.

Case in point.

Naturally, everyone wants to know just how they met, since they've basically kicked off the most #goalsworthy relationship of the century.

Although Zayn has previously told ES magazine that they met at a Victoria's Secret Fashion show, and he recognised Gigi "from her picture," Gigi has dished on the TRUTH!

While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, Gigi explained how they met years before, saying "we actually met at a friend's birthday party a few years ago."

Note: all the while that Zayn was engaged to his ex, Perrie Edwards. Now we aren't alluding to anything happening at this party, but why would Zayn leave this detail out?!

Later in 2015 when both Zayn and Gigi were single, Gigi made sure the two met again to ~reconnect~. "He was in New York to come to the Victoria's Secret show last year, I think, and ended up not coming. And I was like, I'll play it cool. Like, I'll go to the after-party. He wasn't there. And then later that week we ended up going on our first date."

As you already can imagine, their spark was INSTANT.

"We played it cool for like 10 minutes and then I was like, 'You're really cute'. We connected like, really quickly, and just - we started, like year, we have the kind of same sense of humour and [started] sharing videos and obviouslt Noah Ritter videos started coming up..."

This is romance movie stuff.

You can see her full appearance on the Ellen show below...