Gigi Hadid opens up about her first kiss

"I was one of the last ones.”

By Sammy Stewart

First kisses are a pretty big deal. For some, they can happen pretty early on, while others experience the ~magic~ later on.

Bottom line, it just happens when you're ~ready~.

Gigi Hadid was recently interviewed by 13-year old Lila Moss Hack (Kate Moss's daughter) for Dazed. Now, you're probs thinking that the whole ~supermodel~ looks thing would've made things a bit easier, right?

Nope. During the interview, Gigi admitted that she was a latecomer to the kissing game.

“I wasn’t that young — I think I was, like, 15 or 16," Gigi explains.

Everyone was younger than me,' she revealed. 'I was one of the last ones.

See guys? It's all about ~timing~.