Gigi Hadid has a photo of Zayn saved on her iPhone lockscreen!

It doesn’t get any more #OFFISH than that.

Remember the days when you would make your crush the wallpaper on your phone so you could stare at their pretty face ~all~day~long~?

Well, apparently that’s a thing again.

Ultimate trendsetter Gigi Hadid was snapped walking through Charles-de-Gaulle airport and aside from her amazing heart-and-star-printed jeans, we could NOT stop looking at her phone screen.

If you look ~very~ carefully, you might be able to spot a familiar face… oh hai dere Zayn!

After holding hands, wearing matching jewellery and house hunting together, ZiGi have take their relationship a step further and now reached lockscreen status #Official.

Considering that Gigi was carrying her phone and had it facing outwards, we’re pretty certain that this is no ~ooopsies!~ situation. We think this might be gurlfriend's way of ~silently~ giving us more proof that #Zigi is real.

Or maybe Zayn was being a cheeky bugger and changed it before they parted ways...

What are your thoughts?


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