Lauren Potter from GLEE just got promise ring engaged and we're crying

THIS is everything.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If you were a Glee fan, then you would 3000% remember Becky Jackson (Lauren Potter) as Sue Sylvester's fave cheerleader (and probs yours too.)

We haven't heard much from Lauren over the past few years, but now she is back on our radar for legit the most adorable reason ever! She's gotten promise ring engaged to her boyfriend Timothy Spear!

Timothy got down on his knee on Laguna Beach on Sunday while the two were enjoying a ~romantic~ picnic. Lauren's mum Robin spoke to PEOPLE about the beautiful event:

“He picked out the ring, made payments on it, and then planned the picnic and the moment to get down on one knee to ask her to promise to be his one-and-only and marry him when they are ready,” she says. “Then they watched the sunset together.”

Image: The Spear Family
Image: The Spear Family
Image: The Spear Family
Image: The Spear Family


Both the Potters and Spears have been family friends since the love-birds were bubs.

"We’ve kept in touch over the years, but it wasn’t until the kids were reunited while they were both living in Laguna Beach," she told PEOPLE. "When Lauren ended a relationship, Timothy immediately asked her out and they have been together since."

Again, crying. This is too cute to handle. We can picture Sue Sylvester is probs crying too.