Another 'Glee' star has just gotten engaged!

There's something in that Glee water we tell you.

By Bianca Mastroianni
'Glee' star Dean Geyer engaged to girlfriend Jillian Murray

It seems like every other day a Glee star is getting engaged, or having an epic wedding with the whole fam.

So today is no different, obvs!

Dean Geyer, whose known for his role as Brody Weston on the show has officially popped the question to his long-term girlfriend Jillian Murray, and OMG he did it in the cutest way ever.

Asking her to marry him while in a photobooth over the weekend, they both posted the most adorable snap of the moment, although it didn't all go to plan initially.

He had planned to ask her while they visited Australia, but she ended up not being able to make the trip!

A rep for the couple told People "He had to quickly change the plans and decided he wanted to do it in a photo booth. He knew he could get the pictures but still have it be a private moment.

"So after attending a Broadway play, he took her to a photo booth and got down on one knee while the camera was flashing so they could capture the moment forever with Jillian’s dream ring, a flawless 2 carat diamond."


Too much cuteness.