There was an EPIC Gossip Girl reunion ft. Seth Cohen that you must see

Crossover alert.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Adam Brody reunite

#SPOTTED: Queen B and Serena Van Der Woodsen having an IRL reunion at the fanciest party of the year.

Leighten Meester made a raaaare appearance last night when she joined the Golden Globes After Party with her bae Adam Broday, aka Seth Cohen... and you guessed it, Blake Lively (Serena) was also there. Eeeek!

Blake and Ryan Reynolds made their appearance earlier on during the awards show, looking more loved up than ever.

Leighton however didn't show up 'til after the show, and god are we grateful for social media RN.


Fellow after party guest Carley Mallenbaun made the night that much more nostalgic for us onlookers, tweeting a vid that will give your Gossip Girl heart something to beat for.

"It was fun to imagine that the #InStyleGlobes party was a #gossipgirl party. Blake Lively & Leighton Meester were there," he captioned the video.

Ugh, two of our favourite shows merged into one incred party. We just can't rn.