Gregg Sulkin is sorry for this offensive item of clothing he wore

It's pretty out there.

By Bianca Mastroianni

The people are offended, something new for this day and age...

Gregg Sulkin has been copping it on Twitter recently, after he attempted (and sort of failed) to be an ambassador for a female-empowerment movement.

It sounds great, but they may have missed the mark with its name.

Grab Her By The Brain is the work of domestic-violence activist Elizabeth Ariosto is a response to Donald Trump's "grabbing women by the p-y"* comment.

The official website explains that their mission is to confront gender inequality, and although Gregg was "honoured to take part", a lot of people were mad. Why? Because women would rather not be grabbed by any part of their bod, thanks.

Of course, Gregg meant ZERO harm by his comments, and has taken to Twitter again to clear things up.

He wrote: "After the demeaning way women have been referred to in the press these past weeks, I was asked to participate in a campaign that promoted women and did not objectify them. I am sorry if anyone found the wording offensive, however the intent was to promote women for their intellect and not just their bodies."

We forgive you Gregg.