A definitive guide to the Dolan twins' tattoos

Both real AND fake!

By j-14

Grayson Dolan just debuted a tattoo, and it's his biggest one yet. The web star took to Instagram to show off the design and share his excitement with fans.

"New tat. This one is really special to me. Ink by @romeolacoste of course 😝💉," he captioned the photo, tagging Los Angeles tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste.

If you are a fan of the twins, then you know the boys are no strangers to tattoos. And we are not just talking about the permanent kind. Between the two of them, they have showcased quite a few designs, both real and fake. It can get a little, but don’t fear ‘cos we’re here! Here with a complete breakdown of all the Dolan Twins' tattoos.

First up? Ethan's lip tattoo.

Ethan has a "create" tattoo on his inner lip. This one is technically permanent, but tattoos in this spot do tend to fade over time.

Grayson Dolan's most oddly placed tattoo? It's gotta be the one Ethan picked out for him on the bottom of his foot.

During their "Where Am I?" challenge on YouTube, Ethan and Grayson put each other up to some crazy dares. Each twin got the chance to blindfold the other and take them wherever they wanted, so where did Ethan take Gray, you ask?

The tattoo parlour, of course! Naturally, Ethan got to pick out the design – so he chose an arrow heart with his name inside.

In addition to those, Ethan also has Roman numerals on the outside of his left ankle.

While Grayson's right ankle has the word "matters" with a line drawn through it.

Aside from their ink for life, they have also dabbled in the temporary kind. Just recently, Grayson let Ethan pick out tattoos for him in a video, and he ended up with a whole bunch of colourful designs all over his face.

Aaand there was also the time they decided to colour on their faces in marker…

We can only imagine what’s next!

Via: Emily Brozyna at J-14