The FULL recording of a troll threatening Louis Tomlinson’s son is neklevel disturbing

WARNING: This is chilling.

By Sammy Stewart

Update 18-05-16
Yesterday we found out a hacker managed to get her claws on Louis Tomlinson's personal phone number. In a recording of the original audio, we heard the girl ask Louis for a Twitter follow. We also heard the end of the convo where Louis tells the girl she better watch out...

However a chunk of the audio was missing and has just been released today, and it's worse than anything we've ever heard.

Hacker: Can I have a Twitter follow?
Louis: Um, no because...
Troll: F** yourself you fing b** I hope your baby dies.*

After a rather large pause, clearly seriously shocked by what he just heard, Louis says, "Did you really just say that?"

"Yes I did," the troll replied.

Realising what she just said and clearly worried about the fact she just insulted the Sassmaster of Doncaster, the girl starts to back-peddle quicker but obvi it was too late.

Believer of #BabyGate or not, threatening someone's family is NEVER cool; have a listen to the chilling audio above.

Original story 17-05-16

This 157-day-long hiatus has been so problematic; we need the boys to just to get back together so we can have a breather. PLS.

In the latest bit of drama to stress you out, we bring the news of this rude hacker who had the audacity to call Louis Tomlinson and say a bunch of nasty things.

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Basically this girl, who somehow had connections with Anne’s iCloud hacker, got Louis' phone number and recorded a conversation she had with him recently.

Louis picks up the phone, with a polite “Hallo?” and proceeds to ask who is on the other end, as you do.

Hacker: “Hey, is this Louis?”
Louis: “Who’s this?”
Hacker: “Um, can you follow me on Twitter?
Louis: “Who is this and why have you got me number?”

This same hacker then posted the recorded audio conversation but quickly deleted it, however Tumblr user StyleTomlinsons (who is #INNOCENT) managed to film what the hacker had posted but explained on her Tumblr that there was a part of the conversation she didn’t record cos it was just TOO negative.

Stylestomlinsons writes: “There’s a gap between the videos and no-one knew what it was that she said. Today an update account on Twitter posted a dm explaining who was talking in the audio and what I assume is the in-between audio and it’s very disgusting.”

“She says she hopes his baby dies and he says he’s going to call his lawyers,” Stylestomlinsons adds.


No matter how people feel about the whole baby sitch, calling Louis and saying things like that is just not a thing.

The final bit of the recorded convo features an obviously annoyed Louis telling the hacker that she should be scared, pretty much.

There's been no word from Louis as of yet as to the legitimacy of this convo, so stay tuned.