Finally, footage of Hailey Baldwin dancing as a profesh Ballerina has emerged

Who knew girl had so many talents?

By Bianca Mastroianni

A few months ago we made the incredible discovery that Hailey Baldwin could do this with her legs...


From then we knew there was more to this queen than modelling and being a social media star. In fact, she's a pretty amazing ballerina.

Over the weekend, Hailey went back home for thanksgiving. What happens when you go home after a long while? You watch old fam videos! Duh.

Although ours are more of us visiting the zoo as a young lass with our fam and our dad making cow noises to scare you, Hailey's are just as glam as her. Take a look:

"Back home and seeing these old videos for the first time," she wrote. "Miss it!"

Pretty sure my sister has an old dance academy vid of her bopping around to Austin Powers, but hey, this is just as cool we guess...

Hailey's been way too busy being Kendall's BFF and such to do any ballet these days, but we kind of hope she picks it back up again soon. This is real #talent.