Hailey Baldwin has been wearing a massive rock on THAT finger for days


By Amber Manto

Certainly been a while since we’ve heard or seen anything from Hailey but she certainly caught our attention when she went out to lunch recently.

Actually she didn’t catch our attention, rather the epic rock she was sporting on her THAT finger.

She looked as though she was trying to shield her face from the paps, but perhaps this was her sneaky way of flaunting her new accessory?! Or maybe she just likes wearing a ring on that finger, or it only fits on that finger (been there).

STILL though we have many questions, especially since Biebs is well and truly off the scene, having recently been spotted skinny-dipping with some blonde model) while on vacay.

Hailz's love-life has been pretty under wraps for most of the year, aside from a brief moment where erryone thought she was with Drake. That as a wild time. So if this IS an engagement ring who the heck is it from? And more importantly, how did we miss this secret relationship?!

You can check out more, close-up pics of the ring right HERE and if you have any theories about what's going on please send them to DOLLY, PO Box Needs to Know, ASAP.