Hailey Baldwin makes her jealousy known over Justin and Sofia Richie

Biebs is copping it from the ex-girlfriends.

By Bianca Mastroianni

ZOMG: Justin Bieber better head for cover because his ex-girlfriends are coming for him and it's getting intense.

As you may know, Bieber and new bae have been frolicking around Japan together, displaying MAJOR amounts of PDA for the world to see. Since then, Beliebers have been leaving nasty comments on his Insta, which lead him to threaten making his profile completely private.

Not only did that result in #RIPBeliebers trending on Twitter, but it also got Selena Gomez to pop up out of the woodwork and make the most #FIRE comment ever:

Yikes. But although Sel's comments were more advice than abuse, his ~other~ ex-gal Hailey Baldwin isn't so diplomatic. She made some salty comments on a fa's pic of Bieber and Sofia getting cosy.

"Yo please delete this sh*t," she started, then followed it up with: "I don't want it on my timeline."

Ooft. The jealousy is real.

Fans have now come to Hailey's defence, sending their lurve (and er, mean comments towards Sofia) on Twitter.

Not sure what people have against Sofia, but we are actually sensing some similarities between her and Hailey. Espesh in regards to how Bieber has treated them both.

Back at the beginning of the year, Bieber whisked Hailey away on a holiday and posted cutesy as hell pics all over his social media. Now it seems history is repeating itself but this time with Sofia. Dayum sometimes they even look the same:

Bieber has a type.