Hangin' out with Booboo Stewart

We caught up with Booboo (A.K.A the most smiley human we’ve ever met) while he was in town for Oz Comic Con.

He first caught our attention as part of the Twilight wolf pack (well, he did spend most of the flick shirtless) but now Booboo Stewart has graduated to a fully-fledged X-Men mutant. And it’s fair to say we’re crushing, hard.

We caught up with Booboo (A.K.A the most smiley human we’ve ever met) while he was in town for Oz Comic Con. After allowing him to finish eating his ice-cream, because we’re nice like that, we launched into question time…

Welcome to Australia! Have you done any touristy stuff since landing?

In Brisbane we went to the zoo and we got to hold all the animals and pet them and stuff like that. I did the sky walk yesterday that was great, it was a lot of fun. We did the bridge walk

Were you scared?

Um, you know my legs were a little shaky but I wasn’t scared at all I was sliding down the rails. [Laughs] I put my feet up on the rails it was great. We all had head phones on and at one point the lady was like ‘uh Booboo can you put your feet back on the ground’ [Laughs]

You’ve been at Brisbane and Sydney Comic Con, what was it like meeting all your Aussie fans?

It was fantastic, it was way more than I expected. It was fun and it was easy, constantly just talking to people all day for two days straight but by Sunday you feel so tired.

Did you have any crazy fan experiences?

A girl cried, and I saw a tattoo of my signature!

Does that happen to you all the time now?

Not all the time but every time it happens it feels like it’s happening for the first time in a way. It’s such a new thing, like I don’t know anyone I’d cry for, I’ve seen my sister cry for people but I don’t know if I’d cry if I meant anybody. You’re making someone so happy that they’re crying, which is pretty cool.

You’ve met a lot of big-name celebs with the Xmen films. Was there anyone that you were star struck by?

Oh yeah, when I saw Hugh Jackman I was like ‘Wow that’s Hugh Jackman’ and when I saw Halle Berry was like ‘Wow that’s Halle Berry’ and obviously Ian and Patrick are legends. You just feel like you’re in the presence of someone who’s done so much. It’s inspiring.

What did you learn from them?

From just watching Hugh Jackman on-set because he is so nice to everybody, and that definitely trickles down to everybody in the crew. Brian and Hugh Jackman are so cool that everyone else was just having a blast being there, they wanted to work every day because they were working for great people.

Were you much of a fan of the Xmen before you signed on as Warpath?

Oh yeah I was a huge fan! I knew about my character and everything, I had like six character figures growing up. So to be an Xmen was a childhood dream.

Would you have ever pictured yourself as Warpath?

I always wanted to be Night-crawler, Night-crawler is such a boss, he is so great, so I have always wanted to be Night-crawler. But Warpath I just recently found out about and when I found out I was going to play him, I was looking at pictures thinking ‘this is ridiculous’. If you ever look at me and then look at the characters I play you are like, ‘what in the world?’

What was the prep like in that role? I read that you had to eat like 7 meals a day or something ridiculous!

Yeah, at least 5 or 6 meals a day, sometimes 7 depends if I was really feeling inspired that day. I just ate a lot of food, worked out really hard and read a lot of comic books. When I was putting on my suit and everything fell into place like the world we are living in, everything kind of fell into place then.

We’re huge fans of franchises like Twilight and Hunger Games so we love that you and Jennifer Lawrence are in a film together. Did you get to work with her at all?

Oh yeah, yeah we didn’t have any scenes together but on set the first time I met her she was completely blue and the second time we got to hang out was at the premiere I saw her for a split second there, she’s super cool, exactly what everyone thinks she is. She’s just her, that’s why people like her so much.

It sounds like the whole crew was really cool to work with…

Oh gosh, seriously it really was, because there was no sense of attitude on set or anything like that because you’re working with legends and huge stars and directors, everyone was just there to be professional and do your thing.

Was there anyone you were particularly close to on-set?

Ian and I talked a lot. He can fall asleep anywhere! I remember my first day on set and he was sitting on this stool and we were talking and I went somewhere else and I came back and his eyes were shut, no back rest or anything just sitting up, back straight and I was like ‘Oh my gosh, he’s getting into character I don’t want to disturb him’ then seconds later the crew come up and tap him on the shoulder and they’re like ‘excuse me Mr McKellen, we’re going to start shooting’ and he was like ‘Ugh’ totally asleep, it was hilarious. I was like ‘Oh wait he just fell asleep’ [Laughs] he wasn’t in character.

How many hours a day would you spend learning stunts?

A few hours a day, for each stunt we would practice specifically for the stunt. We didn’t have to go through fight training, so for each stunt we would practice for a few hours, it was hard. In between breaks of filming they would want to get practice in. We would be filming 16 hour days AND practicing in breaks and afterwards it was a lot, it really takes its toll on you.

What is something about the *real* you some of your fans might not know?

I am an avid movie watcher. I watch like at least 2 movies a day! I mean while I am travelling it’s hard because I wanna do things but when I am at home I try and watch two a day. To really study up and practice. I like to learn from other actors and directors and writers.

Did you watch any one the way over here?

Funnily enough it’s such a long plane ride and I fell asleep the whole time, I only got to watch Mary Poppins. [Laughs] And that was it, I barely finished it because I was asleep the whole time.

What else have you done in Sydney?

This is the most free time I have had in Sydney, so it’s been great. Myself and Jason and Percy, they are from Veronica Mars, we biked to Bondi beach from this hotel and Jason brought me a skim board and we went skim boarding and it was great, we’ve had a great time.

What do you look for in a girl?

Someone I can talk to for a long time without feeling awkward. Someone who is worldly, I like that but not like a know-it-all, just worldly.

Have you ever taken anything from the set of a movie?

I took a fork and a spoon from the wedding in Twilight! I also always take the backs of chairs that have like ‘Booboo Stewart, Warpath’ written on them.