If you're a Harry and Ginny lover, this theory will get you mad as heck

Plz no.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Since the Harry Potter franchise is so damn big, thousands of fan theories have come out regarding basically every aspect of the story. Usually, they're quite interesting and (sometimes) convincing.

This one however, goes against everything we believe and we ain't buying it.

As you may know, Harry and Ginny's relationship was a slow burner, but the result was two people who were named "soulmates" by J.K Rowling herself end up together and we were damn happy about it.

Especially when there was that Cho Change nonsense going on...

But one fan has come up with a theory to make you question their lurve and we aren't okay.

Posted on a Potter subreddit in 2013, it believes that Ginny slipped Hazza a love potion. PLZ! NO!

Look, we see how they could have come to this conclusion as they did fall for each other really suddenly after he had it bad for Cho, and the use of love potions is heavily used in the books... not to mention that Ginny had a crush on Harry since day 1 - but it's bonkers.

You can see in The Half-Blood Prince that Harry finds himself jealous when Ginny makes out with Dean Thomas, and this SPECTACULAR Tumblr post points out how damn perfect the two really are for each other.

So plez, someone take this theory and put it in the restricted section.