'Dunkirk' Casting Director reveals how Harry Styles REALLY got the role

No, he didn't have to sing WMYB.

By Sammy Stewart

Don't get us wrong, Harry Styles landing a role in an actual Hollywood blockbuster was the best thing to happen to the world since the Drag Me Down video.

But then again, it was also pretty darn random. Like, legit NO-ONE saw that coming.

The #official casting director for Dunkirk AND the same guy who gave Harry his big chonce has explained how our lil muffin landed his fancy role and tbh reading this made us cry happy tears.

“Harry was absolutely right for the role. As an actor he is unknown, but his readings made him an obvious choice. We thought he was fresh and interesting and he won the role,” John Papsidera told Sunday People.

He also addressed the commonly believed myth that Harold ONLY got the role because of his rock god 1D status...

"It wasn't because he's a well-known pop star - if anything that was more of a detriment, because it could bring the wrong message and we don't want people pulled out of the film because of who they are.”

John added: "Our aim was to have people who are fresh and don't bring a lot of prior work with them, so the audience will be really immersed in the film and not struggling with recognisable famous personalities."

"So Harry really had to overcome hurdles to get past that. He fought hard for it and his work was impressive and that's what attracted us to him. I don't think he studied acting professionally and yet he won the role against some very well-known actors."

“This is a young man who passionately wanted this film and we looked at a lot of actors, certainly in the hundreds, some of them very well-known and many who had been to prestigious acting schools.”

You getting emosh over that last sentence too?

So proud Harry babes ❤