VERY IMPORTANT: The first trailer for Dunkirk IS HERE!


By Sammy Stewart

UPDATE: The Dunkirk teaser trailer is HERE

ATTENTION ONE AND ALL; The moment has arrived!

The VERY first ever teaser trailer for Harry Styles' debut film Dunkirk (aka that war film we keep talking about) IS HERE!

Some cheeky but extremely dedicated fangirls recorded a bit of the teaser during a screening for Suicide Squad annnnddddd we have mixed feels.

Take a look for yourself:

Could you spot a Harold? Coz we sure couldn't.

Part of us thinks that first dude walking towards the ocean could be Hazza... but it could also be him 3rd from the top left, with the green hat on. Either way, the film looks pretty epic and that suspense is already driving us wild.

At least we still have the FULL trailer to look forward to. Til then, please enjoy this mesmerizing GIF of bae.

Original story 4.08.16


You'll be able to see Harry Styles strut his stuff in that adorable soldier's uniform VERY, VERY soon. In about 1.5 days, to be precise.

The #OFFICIAL trailer for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk is said to be dropped this week in cinemas, ahead of Suicide Squad screenings, Trailer Track confirms.


It seems not long ago we were losing our absolute chill at the idea of three hours of non-stop Harold on the big screen, but hey, dreams really do come true.