So apparently Harry Styles is “emulating” THIS singer’s career

It kinda makes sense, TBH!

By Matt Galea
So apparently Harry Styles is “emulating” THIS singer’s career

Since One Direction went on hiatus, Harry Styles has proven that he is one freaking powerful solo force.

He featured on three epic covers for Another Man magazine, he has starred in the upcoming Christopher Nolan flick, Dunkirk and he is reportedly about to drop his debut album.

But if you’re thinking that Harry’s career moves have been spontaneous, last min decisions made by the baben’ singer, you would be wrong as a source close to Styles has claimed that Harry is intentionally following in the footsteps of another boy-band-member-turned-solo-singer.

“He is dipping his feet in many areas and as much as he is working on music, the acting bug has definitely bit and we can all thank Dunkirk for sparking that,” the source told HollywoodLife.com.

“He has seen how the best do it with Christopher Nolan as his director and he wants to chase an Oscar before he chases a Grammy. He actually loves how Justin Timberlake has done it and how he has done both acting and singing seamlessly, he would like to emulate that type of career.”

For those of you who are a lil rusty on your ‘90s boy bands, the daddy AF actor/singer, Justin Timberlake was once the ‘Harry’ of the old school pop band, NSYNC.

Since parting ways with the band, Timberlake has enjoyed a V successful career, having dipped his toes in both acting and singing, just like Harry has done so far and hopes to continue doing.

Considering the 36-year-old left the band in 2002 and he is still one of the biggest stars on the planet, with many actually forgetting that he was once a boy bander as his solo career has been such a hit, we would say that JT is defs a great artist for Harold to emulate!