BREAKING: Harry Styles has cut his hair

We don’t want to alarm you but Harold has had a trim.

We highly recommend you sit down before reading this story ‘cos things are getting SERIOUS.

Harold Edward Styles has FINALLY cut his glorious Harpunzel locks into a ~chic~ shoulder-length lob and TBH we need a lie down and eat some jellybeans because we really aren’t dealing with this news.



After touching back down in London town, Harry made a visit to Jason Schneidman, aka hair stylist to 1D and James Corden.

Jason posted the glorious photo of Harold to his IG but later deleted it (#VasHappeninJason) along with the caption, “A little trim for this guy”.

Not gonna lie, we’re a teeny bit cut that he didn’t grow his hair down to his four nipples, but either way bae looks heavenly.

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