Harry Styles hit in head with a can and his Mum IS NOT impressed

Not cool, folks.

By now you’re probably wondering why anyone would ever throw anything other than ~LOVE~ and ~peace signs~ at Harry Styles, but sadly the fans at a One Direction show in Philadelphia took the “throw things on stage to get the boy’s attention” ritual WAY too far.

As Harry was walking up the catwalk of the stage, fans started throwing water bottles, one of which did hit him but it wasn't serious.

However not long after a fan threw an aluminium can of Red Bull at the stage which managed to hit poor Hazza right in the head and probably got nasty sticky drink in his glorious curls.


Considering that cans can be a) sharp, b) heavy and c) full of drink which can be a slippery hazard, thankfully Harry wasn’t seriously injured.

However judging by the video, it did look like it would’ve hurt the poor bebz.

Niall then told the audience that it wasn’t wise to throw things, but when Mama Twist aka Harry’s mum Anne Styles heard that her boy had been injured, she was NOT happy and tweeted that fans should “think” before they decide to throw things on stage:

It didn’t take long before One Direction fans started to spam the girl who had thrown the can in the first place with bucket loads of hate, which really wasn’t called for.

Harry’s Mama then pleaded for everyone to be kind, and not add more drama to to situation but rather learn from this incident.

PHEW. We’re just glad that no one was seriously injured. Remember guys, peace signs are always the answer.