ALERT! Harry Styles has started filming for ‘Dunkirk’!

We also have a #HAIR update!

By Sammy Stewart

If you have any friends who are still arguing about whether Harry Styles’ movie career is legit, send them the link to this article and #BLESS them with this truthbomb.

It’s happening: actor Harry is rising. Tell your neighbours, tell your teachers, tell your friends, tell your dogs.


Prince Harold and his handy beanie were spotted over the weekend hopping off the train in Lille, France which is very close to Dunkirk.

So handsome.

According to the official IMDB page for Dunkirk, production for the film began on May 14th and thanks to @StylesMovieNews we even have a ~visual~ of the film’s set:

Oooh, exciting stuff.

We also have a ~sorta~ update on the Harry hair mystery. Basically one of Hazza’s friend, Johnny, tweeted over the weekend using the hashtag “#HighAndTight” which convinced the fandom Harry’s haircut will look a little something like this:

In other words: really hot and really short.

We still don’t have a name or bio for Harry’s character, but we DO know that babes will be playing a British Tommy (a soldier) alongside actors Jack Lowden, Fionn Whitehead and Tom Hardy.

So what does the filming cast think of Hazza so far? Mark Rylance, who's also starring alongside Hazza, revealed at the BAFTAS: “I haven't met Harry Styles yet, no. But he has very nice hair and my 11-year-old niece is now interested in my film work.”


On that note, we'll just leave you with this...