According to science, THIS is why we find Harry Styles so attractive

We knew it!

By j-14

One Direction fans know that all of the boys are swoon-worthy, but now science is totally backing up claims as to why so many of us are ~obsessed~ with Harry Styles.

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A study was published by The Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery where they look at the symmetry of celebrities faces and determine who others see as attractive. And surprising absolutely no one, our dear Hazza nabbed the number one spot for having a perfect chin and eyes.

In case a reminder is needed as to how mesmerising they are, check out his Rolling Stone cover from a few months back. It’s hard to not fall for that smouldering gaze.

So how do scientists determine who should be on the list? Well, they study the distance of the eyes and then divide that number by the eye’s length, with a similar method determining what makes a ‘perfect chin’.

That wasn’t the only list in which the Sign of the Times singer came out on top of. Science also says he’s number four when it comes to having the perfect face shape, with Zayn Malik coming in at number nine.

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We only have one problem with this list, why aren’t the other 1D guys on it?!

Besides from each also having eyes that could melt the heart of anyone, they’ve each got dazzling smiles and faces too! Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan also totally deserved an honourable mention.

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