5 funniest moments from Harry Styles' ‘Late Late Show’ take over

Haz can now add 'talk show host' to his ever-growing list of talents

By Jessica Lynch

He’s only just begun his week-long residency on the Late Late Show with James Corden, but Harry Styles’ takeover of the popular talk show is already proving to be an absolute barrel of laughs.

Kicking off the show with a totally hilar sketch where he had to convince a strict security guard to let him inside the building, the opening monologue that followed had fans in stitches, while his musical performance later on had the crowd ~swooning~.

With social media already blowing up with nothing but praise for the singer, we can’t see what he comes up with for the rest of the week.

Haz can’t get into the building

The opening sketch showed Harry trying to convince a security guard that he was indeed the Harry Styles, to no avail. Watch as he manages to persuade he is indeed the real deal… And then see James try the same.

His LOL-worthy opening monologue

Among some of the highlights of his cracker of a monologue are when he took aim at President Donald Trump for his recent Russia scandal, as well as his punny take on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale being held for ransom by hackers. "They could release this movie illegally," he said. "I guess you would say it's a pirated video... They’re charging them an arm and a peg!"


His swoonworthy performance of ‘Carolina’

Oh Harry, such a man of many talents…
Taking a moment off hosting duties to head back to his day job, the Brit took to the stage for a live performance of his new track ‘Carolina’, and the crowd were L-O-V-I-N-G it.

When he made fun of himself

Jumping into the host’s desk for a segment called ‘Side Effects May Include’, the 24-year-old poked fun of himself, pointing out the ‘side effects’ of going solo, which included having to be the cute one, the sulky one, the dangerous one and the talented one all at once.

When he spoke about his stage dive fail

Having a laugh over his failed attempt of stage diving at his album launch party, Harry joked, "It doesn't feel as cool as you think it's going to feel." He added, "I thought it'd feel like flying. I thought it was gonna feel like, 'This is the most amazing feeling ever!' And instead it was like, 'I should get up now.' It was like a float – and then a sinkhole."