Is this the best Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson face morph EVER?

Larry Stylinson shippers, eat your hearts out

Larry Stylinson shippers (and we know there's a few of you reading this because you comment on our 1D Facebook posts on the reg) brace yourselves.

You're about to lay your eyes on THE best thing you've seen this year.

A Tumblr user/1D obsessive/all round genius who Tumbles (is that a verb? It is now) under the name FireBenWinston has made THE BEST FACE MORPH EVER.

Louis and Harry's faces go so well together, like chocolate and peanut butter, late homework and excuses, and chips and dip.

It's even better than the actual real-life fake Larry Stylinson we saw the other week.

Is it wrong to fancy something that doesn't even exist? If it is then BY GAWD, WE DON'T EVER WANT TO BE RIGHT.