Harry Styles wore nail polish

And he totally pulled it off.

It goes without saying that Harry Styles could wear a cardboard box covered in mothballs and we’d still find him babein’. But we have to admit, when we saw him rockin’ coloured digits onstage in concert at Denmark, we did a double take.

We know he fancies himself as a bit of a trendsetter with his man-bun and sparkly purple boots (#neverforget) but bright red nail polish seems like a pretty bold move, even for someone as fashion-forward as Hazza.

Then we did a little investigating and realised it was actually for a great cause. Of COURSE it was, we're talkin' about Harry 'saint' Styles after all.

The singer painted a singular nail for domestic violence organisation Safe Horizon, who started the hashtag #PutTheNailInIt. The aim is to put a nail in the coffin of domestic violence. Smart, huh?

We’re going to go ahead and file it under our ‘ANOTHER reason we love Harry Styles’ category…

It seems Harry is definitely no stranger to women's support. Check out how many bras are thrown at Harry during his performances! Bras, bananas, necklaces.. you name it. And yes, we totally did say bananas. We ain't even mad. Those reactions are priceless! Enjoy.