Harry Styles has taken some adorable pics with fans in Dunkirk

Lookin' like the froggy frog prince he is.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If we could be in any place RN, it would be Dunkirk (or maybe the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter), we're not picky.

Some lucky fans are in Dunkirk and living our fangirl dreams. Whether they were stalking Harold or not, this happened:

It seems like Harry has taken himself and his good old baker boy hat out for a stroll to enjoy the fresh night air when he ran into these lucky girls and, unlike Biebs who's against fan selfies ATM, posed for two adorable pics.

We've seen the extent of his haircut now, so we can appreciate his ~cute~ as hell new look without wanting to rip that cap off his head.

Ugh, the day WILL come where we run into him on the streets. It's gotta.