Harry Styles may be putting his acting career behind him

He wants to focus on ~the music~

By Jessica Lynch

His debut film Dunkirk is about to hit cinemas, but Harry Styles reportedly won’t be appearing on the silver screen again anytime soon as he’s decided to focus on his blossoming music career as a solo artist.

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A source close to the Sign of the Times hit maker spilled,

“Harry has opted to pursue his music career ahead of movies. He's found himself a very wanted man, besieged by leading man role offers worth serious bucks, but he's adamant music is his first love. Harry is setting down a marked to the world as a credible solo star with live shows and hard promo on the road."

As much as we’d LOVE to have Haz on the big screen, like, 24/7, we totally get that he’s a busy guy. Not only will he be dropping his long-awaiting solo album next month, he’s also set to do a huge world tour (YASSSSS!).

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The 23-year-old hottie also recently revealed that releasing his new tunes was ‘like giving birth’ and that separating from his One Direction besties left him feeling “vulnerable”.

He recently explained: "It's very much like giving birth - without the pain, obviously. It was very exciting. It was nerve wracking. Also, very exciting to have a job again.”
He added,

"But I think honestly, any time you are putting something out that's kind of a piece of you, I guess it's quite a vulnerable feeling. But it is exciting. I like it. And I think that helps in terms of the nerves. I think if I was putting something out that I didn't like, then I'd be much more nervous."