Harry Styles is ‘relieved’ to be free from pressure of One Direction

He's going his own direction

By Jessica Lynch

We’ll always miss the One Direction boys as a group, but there’s no denying that since they’ve gone and followed their own directions, it’s been well and truly proven that each of them totally ~slay~ as a solo star, and according to Harry Styles, it’s also way less pressure working by yourself than with a group.

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Speaking on his ahh-mazing new doco, Behind the Album, Haz spilled all his feels on making the new album.

“It just felt like there was no pressure at all. I think coming from 5 years of pressure, it was good, but it felt like pressure. It was amazing to just go polar opposite and have absolutely none.”

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And while he’s totally loving doing his own thing, he revealed that he’ll always have a place in his heart for the band that got him to wear he is today.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that band… And I don’t feel like I have to apologise for that. I never felt like I was faking it.”

He also managed to throw some ever-so-sly shade at Zayn, after the Pillowtalk singer claimed after leaving 1D he ‘never wanted to be in the band’, saying,

“When you leave a band, a boy band, you feel you have to go in the complete other direction and say, ‘Don’t worry everyone, I hated it, it wasn’t me.’”

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