Watch Harry Styles shake his booty on the set of Dunkirk

You crank that, soldier boy.

By Sammy Stewart

What if we told you another video of Harry Styles shaking his thun thun thun had made its way onto the internet...

IDK about you but we'd feel pretty #HLESSED (harry+blessed).

A fresh-from-the-set-of-Dunkirk clip has emerged thanks to the video skills of 1D fangirl @harryftirene.

Aside from looking inexplicably beautiful covered in dirt, Harry appears to be doing some sort of... dance... involving the lower half of his body.

Perhaps Harold had a cold derriere and was trying to warm up? Or maybe he had a killer beat in his head and just had to dance his way through it... we'll let you be the judge (see above.)

The fangirl who filmed the original video later filled us in on the actual reason for Hazza's little shuffle; babes was pouring water down his back (too hot obvi) and was ~sHakIng iT oFf~.

Meanwhile, some extremely lucky Dunkirk extras have shared their encounter with Harry annnnnd of course what they said will melt your heart.

That's our bae <3