Harry Styles’ solo career goals are causing major dramas


By Sammy Stewart

The one thing that was giving us 1D stans hope during this longggg and painfullll hiatus was Harry Styles’ highly anticipated solo career. Oh, and his still-not-sure-if-legit movie career.

It’s been a while (about 3 months to be exact) since we’ve heard anything about Hazza’s solo stuff and apparently there’s a reason why it’s still not on our iPods right now.

You might remember Harry left 1D’s record label late last year to embark on a journey with a new management company, owned by his friend Geoff Azoff. Well, apparently, record labels Sony and UMG are both “fighting” to have Hazza on their side, but the Azoffs are leaving all the decision-making to Harold.

Harry and Irving Azoff/ Image: Getty
Harry and Irving Azoff/ Image: Getty

So in other words, the sooner Hazza decides which contract to sign, we’ll just have to keep on listening to “Made In The A.M.”

No pressure Harry, but pls hurry up.