SPOTTED: Harry Styles looking hotter than ever

That hair, though!

By Matt Galea
Harry Styles spotted with fans.

For the bulk of 2016, Harry Styles has pretty much been off the radar. While we’d usually be blessed with a new Harry sighting erryday, all we ever really saw were Dunkirk on-set images where he was all muddied up in a soldiers costume.

Not that we’re complaining or anything, dirty Harry is better than no Harry, but we just kinda missed all the floral shirts, the Gucci suits and the long, lush locks.

But now that filming has wrapped, the Harry we all know and love is back and hotter than ever.

Yesterday, Harry visited a recruitment agency and the lucky ladies shared this glorious pic, calling the boy bander a "true gent” and noting that it is "So gr8 when someone u hope is lovely is even more so in real life.”

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Don’t we know it!

Why he visited a recruitment agency, we don’t know. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe he’s done with showbiz and wants to pursue a new career path?

While you ponder that thought, treat your eyes to more recent Harry sightings:


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