Harry Styles straightened his hair and he looks like an actual Prince

We wonder if he used the GHD or the silver bullet? #SoGlossy

It’s a fact of life that Harry Styles’ hair is the definition of exquisiteness, so naturally, when Harold changes up his regular curly do' it's breaking world news.

Since the dawn of time, Harry Styles has been known to rock tight curls, loose curls, man buns, space buns, huns, braids and French braids.

But finally, ladies and gentleman; we present to you Harry Styles with straight hair.


At a recent One Direction concert in Detroit, Michigan Harry debuted long, glossy straight Pantene-ad-worthy waves and let’s just say that it was a ~glorious~ sight.

Fans across the internet were initially divided and perplexed by Hazza's sudden hair change with many questioning what provoked him to pick up the straightening serum…

Was it just soaking wet from a combination of sweat/ water bottles being thrown on stage? Did Harry suddenly have the urge to see just how long his locks were by straightening them? Had he had enough of the frizz brought on by the American summer air?

We will probably never know.

But we do know that Harry seriously looks like a combination of Prince Adam from Beauty and The Beast (POST BEAST OBVZ) mixed with a hipser Tarzan.

Whether you're a fan of it straight or prefer the loose curls, we feel obliged now to pay our respects to the beauty that is Harry's hair...


listen to the above music for the complete experience