This is why Harry Styles is our hero

But srlsy, could he be more perfect?!

Oh Harreh, how you melt our hearts! If you thought Harry Styles’ interactions with his fans couldn’t get any better, well, he’s just gone out and proved you wrong.

During a very special meet and greet this week, Harry made 16-year-old Abbie’s wildest dreams come true by presenting her with a diamond necklace, wait for it, in the shape of a heart. Whoa.

After recently being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, meeting the boys from One Direction backstage on their OTRA tour was a truly special experience for Abbie and understandably rocked her world.

The necklace Harry presented to Abbie was a special Rays of Sunshine pendant. Each one sold from TheDiamondStore.co.uk donates part of the cost to the charity.

Not done with being the most adorable human in the world, Harry continued to win hearts across the globe by singing happy birthday to a 7-year-old fan at their Manchester show on Sunday.

While he’s gotten pretty good at lip reading over the years, this time he wasn’t so lucky and had trouble making out her name. But instead of just cracking on, Harry rallied the crowd and stopped the concert for a full five minutes until he finally got her name just right! Awwww.

Watch the insanely cute (she’s actually wearing bunny ears, guys!) video below.

Promise us you will never change, Hazza.

Words: Elisa Parry