Harry Styles reportedly takes his new winter girlfriend on an overnight “romantic spa date”

Well this looks hella fancy…

Last week we brought you the news that our very own Harry Styles might have found himself a new winter girlfriend (who wakes up #flawless btw). Yes we know. it was an emotional moment for us all.

Well last week this was all just ~RuMoUrS~, but now we have news that Harold has whisked off Victoria’s Secret model, Georgia Fowler for a cheeky ‘spa date’.

We think the conversation might have gone a little something like this.

Harry: Yo Georgia, let’s get out of this town, drive out of the city, away from the crowds.
Georgia: K.

An anonymous insider spilled the beans that Harry and Georgia enjoyed a couple’s spa date at the $850-a-night Babington House in Somerset, England. Oh, and BTW. It looks like this.

The insider told UK’s The Sun, "Harry wanted to spend some quality time with Georgia away from prying eyes.”

“They kept themselves to themselves and mostly spent their time in their room and garden, ordering food to the room instead of eating in the restaurant. They had a lovely, relaxing stay before Harry goes back for the last stint of 1D live shows and she heads to the States for modelling commitments."

Well TBH, this sounds nice.
We wouldn’t really complain if Harry wanted to whisk us away for a spa date and some room service pizza.