Harry Styles on the bus = the best

Everyone's favourite man bun advocate has taken public transport. We’ve got PROOF.

Scenario: It’s just a normal school day and get on your regular bus. You take your spot towards the back of the bus and notice a ~hotty~ sitting a few seats in front of you. You take a sneaky snapchat and send it to your friends with a‘riding with bae to school’ caption, but then you look a little bit closer at that man bun…yep; you’re on the bus with Harry freaking Styles. So that’s pretty much what happened to some lucky commuters in LA. Although it hasn’t been 100% confirmed that it is actually Hazza, being Harry-girls and recognising that adorbs profile anywhere, we are pretty certain that it’s him.

The curly hair pulled back into a man bun + the yellow head phones + full lashes + amazing jawline? Yeah, Harry we see you. The snap was shared by twitter user Currently1D who conveniently happens to be a 1D fan account, with the caption ‘Harry on a bus in LA!’ Although the snap wasn’t taken in Harry’s UK territory, it’s still pretty darn legit as we all know Harry spends a lot of his down time chilling in the city of angels where he also happens to have a house. So yeah…Harry takes the bus now, that’s a thing.

RELATED: Did Calvin Harris forbid Harry Styles from talking to Taylor Swift? We also need to acknowledge and praise the fact that Harold didn’t even bother to go incognito during his bus ride, and there doesn’t appear to be any security around. PROVING that once again, Harry is the real-est male celebrity ever. It's also not the first time Harry's been spotted on public transport - check out our other pics here. Does this mean we might see Harry on cityrail the next time he’s in Australia? If so, we have an opal card waiting for you xxx

Words: Samantha Stewart