Here's a video of Harry Styles with short hair saying he loves you

More of this please.

By Sammy Stewart

Call us crazy fangirls, but for one reason or another we had this dreaded feeling that Harry Styles might've ~changed~ since cutting his glorious hair off. And... ya know, lost a bit of his ~cHarM~.

Well, that theory's been put to rest thank GAWD.

A video of Harry out and about in LA has emerged and it's seriously reminding us of how much we missed him. Aside from looking like a total dreamboat, Harold's adorable personality shines brighter than a diamond in the whole clip.

Oh and at one point he says "I love you"... and we may have listened to that part on a loop for an hour.

It might also be our new text tone.

Check out the ~mAgiC~ of the Harold above!