Taylor Swift is totally cool that Harry Styles wrote “Perfect” about her

‘Cos lying on the cold hard ground is so 2012.

Yesterday One Direction rocked us, rocked us, rocked us, yeah (shout out to whoever gets that reference) with their ~flawless~ music video for Perfect.

The video features your baes getting up to no good in a hotel room, but also has a slight not-so-subtle reference to Taylor Swift.

When we heard the line “someone to write your break up songs about”, we knew that it had to be about Tay Tay and to add further fuel to the fire, Harry kinda pays ~homage~ to her Style music video as he lies on the bed and a storm projector thingy floats in the background.

It’s all very aesthetically pleasing.

Anyways, according to an anonymous source who are sometimes correct, Taylor was totally cool with the lil shout out.

“Taylor isn't coming out and bragging that the song's about her, but the word is she's happy about it.” The source told Hollywood Life.

“It's a great song, why wouldn't she be?​" TRUE DAT.

So if this is true, which we’re hoping it is, does that mean Haylor is officially on ~letz be friends~ terms? We flipping hope so.