BREAKING: There’s a 99% chance Harry Styles could be in THIS major TV show

Has anyone seen our chill? It's missing.

By Sammy Stewart

Heads up, this story involves Harry Styles and your favourite TV show so you might wanna run to a place where you freely have a fangirl breakdown with no judgement…

K, you ready? We’ll just get straight to the point and deliver the facts in a sec…


All good? Righteo, let's get to the evidence.

A few weeks ago there were ~rUmOurs~ that Harold might be replacing Dylan O'Brien but then again, this was all from ~sources~ and ~insiders~ so we took it with a grain of salt.

But since it's pretty much offish that Dylan WON'T be returning for the sixth season for a while the question of what they're going to do about the obvious missing adorable, dimpled character has been raised.

In an interview with Jeff Davis, aka Teen Wolf writer, he had THIS interesting comment about the Harold rumours: "No, they’re not 100% fake. We do want Harry Styles in our show. Like a new British boy."

"But we’re still in talks with people, directors, agents. So we can’t confirm anything yet."

In other words, your dreams of seeing Harry with claws, a furry back and yellow eyes might possibly become a reality...

With that said, here are some GIFs to convince the universe that Harold needs to move to Beacon Hills after Dunkirk: