5 solid #facts which prove Harry Styles has already cut his hair short… very short

DOLLY's not-so-crazy theory about Harold's hair sitch...

Although nothing’s been #confirmed, we over here at DOLLY HQ have some pretty strong evidence that a Harold film WILL be happening, and here’s why…

New year, new management

Rumours of a Harrywood career began around July last year and in January thid year it got even more legit when it was announced that Haz had left 1D’s management for his BFFL Jeff Azoff’s fancy new team, Full Stop Management. Unlike Modest! Management, Jeff’s company will allow Haz to branch out into acting as well as music #Winner.

We are so Dunkirk

Rather than the rumour coming from a ~dOdgY~ source, the news of Harry joining the cast of Dunkirk came from The Hollywood Reporter, followed by Deadline and both are generally totally reputable sources #OFFISH. Just sayin’ but this is looking good…

No Scream Queens

Yesterday the Scream Queens offish account debunked the rumour (and our dreams) when they announced Harold IS NOT going to star in the second season of the hit series.

At first we shed a single tear, but then we realised something...

Dunkirk is set for release in July 2017 so filming will commence pretty darn soon. Meanwhile Scream Queens is probably going to be on TV this September. Although he is Harry Styles that filming schedule would be way too intense flying between the US and the UK.


The last time we saw actual luscious chocolate locks was February 24th to be exact. That also happened to be the same day Harold debuted slightly shorter locks…

Since that day, Harold has not been spotted without his trusted grey beanie aka the only thing on Earth that really knows what’s really going on…

Since Dunkirk is about British soldiers during the 1940s, aka in a time where men didn’t really have long hair, it’s pretty much a given that shorter hair will be required for the role.

In other words: we reckon Haz has already chopped the locks. Yep, we’re calling it.

The moustache

Okay, so this one’s a bit of a stretch but it’s still pretty good #evidence. Lately we've noticed a rather hairy situation happening above Harry’s lip. Now, we know you’re probs thinking, “DOLLY CHILL OUT PLS”, but just let us point out that moustaches were all the rage back in the 1940s and if he's growing a mo' then we're 3000% sure that the hair has been cut.

However until that beanie has been removed from the head, we can only keep guessing what the deal is with Hazza’s hair.

Stay tuned. XOXO

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