Harry Styles wrote ‘Carolina’ about this girl and we wish it were us

And she's as gorgeous as you'd expect

By Jessica Lynch

Hearts collectively shattered across the world at the news that Harry Styles’ latest jam ‘Carolina’ from his debut solo album was in fact about a girl he met IRL – on a blind date, of all places.

For one: why does Harry need to be set up on blind dates? And two: can someone please hook a sister up?

Anyway, die-hard fans of the 23-year-old did some ‘Harriet the Spy’-level sleuthing into who the lucky girl might be, and the crafty little detectives look like they’ve found her.

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So we know that in the first verse Harry says,

“So far from home. She never saw herself as a West Coaster. Moved all the way 'cause her grandma told her. "Townes, better swim before you drown."

As it turns out, ‘Townes’ looks to be referring to 21-year-old college student called Townes Adair Jones, who grew up in Greenwood, South Carolina before moving to LA where she apparently met Harry while on a blind date set up by her sister, actor Gilland Jones.

Whether or not Harry’s still pining over the mysterious Townes we don't know, but on his Apple music doco Harry Styles: Behind the album he spills on how the song came about,

"We had about a week where we were in a total hole and couldn't do anything and we were all starting to doubt the album. And then for the first time in a long time I had actually been out and done something and then came back to the studio and decided to write about that," Harry said. "'Carolina' is the exact little piece that had been missing. It was the little bit of fun we wanted and little bit of fun we didn't have."

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'Scuse us while we go cry in the corner until Harry writes a song about us.

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