Has Zedd moved on with Nina Dobrev?

And aren’t Nina and Selena friends!? ~ Dun dunn dunnn ~

Just as we were starting to notice an absence of Zeddlena instagram snaps, it became even more obvious that Selena and Zedd were no longer a thing when Sel turned up at the Met Gala solo.

Well, it was good while it lasted..

But rumours are swirling around that Zedd may have already moved on with another pretty brunette…

After posting this adorbz photo with the former Vampire Diaries star, Zedd thanked Nina for teaching him how to take a ~fIRE~ selfie.

But the flirty vibes didn’t stop there….

Nina then reposted the pic along with the caption “Thank you for teaching me your DJing tricks. I would never be able to spin as good as you though. #Repost @zedd

Hmm, there does seem to be some kind of instagram chemistry going on between those two…

But wait a minute, aren’t Selena and Nina friends…? We hope no girl code has been broken.

Regardless, it’s pretty clear that Selena is in a pretty amazing place right now. Coz’ really, at the end of the day, all you really need is your girlsquad.

Words: Samantha Stewart