Twitter is Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' biggest fan apparently

‘Cos they’ll never go out of Styles.

By Matt Galea
Haylor scored the most retweets of 2016

There are many things in life that we’re thankful for. We’re thankful for the upcoming summer holz, we’re thankful for McDonald’s nuggets, and most of all, we’re thankful that we were alive for the five minutes that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, AKA Haylor, were a thing.

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Earlier this year, Harry gave us a lil throwback to their whirlwind romance when he tweeted lyrics to Tay’s song 22 in honour of his 22nd birthday:

The T-Swizzle shout-out sent the internet into a spin, clocking up over 700,000 retweets and almost 1 million likes.

It has now been revealed that Harry’s cheeky message was the most retweeted tweet of 2016. Although we’re still a little puzzled about the intentions behind the tweet… was Hazza trying to get Taylor’s attention, or was he just really vibin’ on that song?

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Following close behind was Harry’s band mate and ever-rumoured bae, Louis Tomlinson with a tweet introducing his newborn son, Freddie to the world:


It is nice to see that even though 1D are taking a break from the band, they’re still totally dominating social media!

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