Coach Bolton is SO keen to be in HSM4, he’s even re-auditioning for his role

Getcha head in the game, Coach.

By Sammy Stewart

High School Musical 4 is a beautiful thing that’s actually happening.

Although everyone’s been losing their chill over the highly anticipated fourth film, a bunch of people (namely, us) were pretty cut Zac, Vanessa and the original HSM squad weren’t asked back.

Already casting has begun with a few fresh faces reportedly joining the film, but that hasn’t stopped this friendly face from jumping on the bandwagon.

Remember Troy’s pushy Dad? The same guy who told him to get his head in the game which resulted in one of the greatest musical theatre moments of all time? You might know him as Coach Bolton:

Well, Bart Johnson, who played Troy's dad, is 3000% keen to get a part in the film and has even recorded ANOTHER audition which he uploaded to YouTube (see above.)

#PlotTwist the whole video is actually just for LOLz and thankfully Bart has scored a role in the film (yay!)

But he does want YOU to audition: "On a very serious note," he wrote, "if you want to be in High School Musical 4... submit your audition scene... Don't doubt yourself.

“You might be EXACTLY what they are looking for and worst-case scenario is that you went for [it]! You took your shot! You can't say you didn't try. You will be a better person for going for it and you will probably have some good laughs getting it done. So have fun... Let me see that Wildcat spirit and if you get the job we will hang out on set and eat all the free food you could ever imagine!"

Damn Coach Bolton, back at it again with the inspiring-as-heck speeches.

BRB, going to audition.