A High School Musical 3 star was arrested in a shoot-out with police

We'll never watch HSM the same way again :(

Oh Gahd, we’ve stumbled across some news which we’d rather have pretended we never saw but here it is anyway: Justin Martin (who played Donny Dion in High School Musical 3) was arrested after he was allegedly involved in a shoot-out with police in Boston. We’ll never be able to watch HSM the same again.

Police told TMZ that they arrived on the scene after officers heard gunshots, and Justin and a second suspect fled the scene.

The police said that Justin pointed the gun at them and didn’t shoot, but the dude he was with opened fire. Eeeeek.

The po-po’s then caught Justin and his super shady mate and arrested them. The HSM star was slapped with a whole bunch of scary sounding charges 'cos well, not even celebs can escape from the law.

But seriously, Justin, you’re better than this.