The way Charlie Puth once dumped a girl will make you cringe


By Bianca Mastroianni
Charlie Puth gets honest on Twitter

Charlie Puth isn't a stranger to opening his heart to his 1.07 million followers on Twitter.

For no reason in particular, Charlie decided to let out some honest truths over the weekend, and we gotta admit, they're insightful...

For instance, who knew Charlie spend most of his 7th and 8th grade coding video games?!

"Confession: I'm a huge nerd and spent most of my 7th and 8th grade learning how to write code for video games," he wrote.

All about dat nerd life.

"Confession: I get really afraid of falling asleep around people," he also tweeted.

Honestly, if falling asleep wasn't as easy as closing our eyes, we'd totally feel this. Raise your hand if you've been personally victimised by permanent marker on your face?!

This next one hurts our soul a little bit...

"Confession: I broke up with my first ever girlfriend on a Post It note in English class in 6th grade."

Okay, so we totally forgive him since it was 6th grade and it was his first ever girlfriend, but damn son. That's harsh. Throwback to that time Cole Sprouse dumped Alyson Stoner on her birthday.


But, our personal favourite is Charlie's last confession, where he reveals something we totally relate to...

"Confession: I once watched The Ring and couldn't close my eyes while shampooing my hair in the shower for 6 months."

LEGIT.SAME. Although we still have this fear.

We feel you Charlie, thanks for that lil' insight into your life.