One Direction made HOW MUCH during their hiatus!?

These babes are ballin’!

By Matt Galea
One Direction made $110 million during their hiatus

Ever wondered how Harry affords all those designer suits?

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And Liam affords to spoil his bae Cheryl?

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How about how Louis affords to party hardy?

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And Niall affords to... take a chonce? Or have a wardrobe full of baker hats?!

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WELL! It turns out that even though the boys are taking a break from band lyf (~sobs quietly~) they still continue to make dosh.

Forbes have spilled the magic beans on the highest paid artists of the year and naturally, Taylor Swift nabbed the top spot with her $170 million earnings from her epic 1989 tour and all those endorsements like Apple.

And 1D took out the second place spot with an impressive $110 million.

This mammoth number was tallied from June 2015-June 2016 so a huge part of that would include their earnings from the OTRA tour, but that also includes merch and music sales from during the hiatus.

Looks like the boys will be splurging this Chrissy!

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