How Shay Mitchell stays fit is the most relatable thing ever


By Bianca Mastroianni

If you follow Shay Mitchell on Snapchat, then you'll know that she leads a pretty damn exciting life.

But, no matter how much fun she has, she ~always~ makes time for her fitness routine. Literally her snap-story is FILLED with her at the gym - even if her BFF Sammy has to drag her there.

Shay is always at the top of her game, and she has now revealed to SELF her four rules on staying fit...

1. Consistency is key

“I try to work out three or four times a week, whether it’s boxing, cross training, Spin, or something else. When I don’t exercise, I’m a lot more lethargic. Moving helps me get through those 14-hour days on-set!”

2. Walk, walk, walk!

“Walk, walk, walk, walk. Trainer Harley Pasternak gave me a Fitbit, and he’s like, ‘If you don’t get 12,000 steps, I don’t care how many workouts you do in a day.’”

3. Focus on being ~present~

“My mind wanders off if I let it. I do hot yoga, which is spiritual, and I get to connect with my body. For cardio, I love Spinning. I’m listening to what the instructor’s saying—it’s very motivating and a great sweat.”

4. Moderation is always healthy

“Moderation! I can’t be on a diet my entire life. I do a lot of smoothies. But after this shoot I’m also going to go out and have pizza.”

Classic Shay.