Interview: Ariana Grande

Cover girl Ariana Grande chats music, florals and sparkles – and why she’s not a fan of red carpets.

Cover girl Ariana Grande chats music, florals and sparkles – and why she’snota fan of red carpets.

One glimpse at Ariana Grande – in all her printed frocks and THAT beautiful mane – and you’d think she’d be the most confident girl in the world. But just like the rest of us, she too struggles with feeling insecure at times, especially when it comes to the paparazzi snapping her. Combine this with the fact she nursed a broken heart from her split with The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes early this year and Ariana really does seem just like another girl in the playground at school. Well, apart from the million-dollar recording contract… In the last year, you’ve really hit the big time. Are you enjoying the ride?
“I just try to make music that makes me happy. That is what I am passionate about. I don't really pay attention to the celebrity part of it all. I only care about the music, which is kind of detrimental because when I go down the red carpet I feel like I am going to have a heart attack and pass out and die. It's bad and I need to get over it!” But you must be used to being a celebrity now!
“I'm not used to that at all! I have been doing TV for a while, but I am very uncomfortable with it in the sense that I just want to make music and entertain people and stuff and I am not very comfortable with walking the red carpets and having my photo taken – especially when I am not aware that my photo is being taken. But it comes with the territory and so I have to just get used to it.” How do you deal with the attention from fans?
“It's love, but sometimes they will grab you and I get scared very easily with something like that. But I love them for it and I love it.” Are you going to be duetting with Justin Bieber any time soon?
“It's something to think about. I know that Justin wants to write it, if we're going to do something, so it can't just be me going, 'Hey, do you like this?' He has to sit down and take the time to think about it, which is really cool. Demi Lovato and I have come up with a couple of cool concepts but there is no time and we are trying to figure it out. It would be awesome! I admire them both so much. It would be a great opportunity.” Do you have any celebrity crushes?
“I love Jim Carrey. I love Steve Carell, Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen. I love funny guys! I love silly, funny awkward boys. I love boys who can make fools of themselves and don't take themselves too seriously.” Have you noticed a difference in your fan base since switching to music as opposed to your TV audiences on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat?
“Well, I think my fans have always been incredibly dedicated and supportive and amazing, that's always been there. But I do feel like everything has been changing so much recently. The love has always felt the same because my fans have always been amazing.” Do you think that you will ever move away from music and TV?
“I don't know what I would venture into? But, no. I am really happy doing music. After Sam & Cat, I don't think I will do any more TV, but I am really happy doing music and I would do that forever if I could.” How would you describe your style?
“My personal style is a mixture of girly and throwback – retro ’50s pin-up, floral hippie-ish and anything feminine and flirty.” Does your stage style differ from your everyday style?
“I don't know. Obviously I do a little more for on stage. It's a little more sparkly and a little more glamorous, whereas Ariana is just, like, wearing a dress which is floral if you know what I mean? The stage is a little more sparkly but as far as my persona goes, I haven't really done that yet. I believe that I am just always the same.” Ariana’s lessons in love...

1. Look for the butterflies. “In a boyfriend I look for kindness, someone who is supportive and somebody who can make me laugh. Somebody who gives you butterflies!”

2. Love can be fun. “That feeling of first crushing on somebody and getting to know every detail about them is one of the best feelings there is.”

3. Keep your chin up during a break-up. “Having your heartbroken is awful but you have two choices: you can sulk or you can choose to remain positive. Stay positive that you'll fall in love again.”

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